Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm an Orlando based graphic designer, and I have recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Emerging Media through the Graphic Design track. I have a passion for all things design, and a special interest in creating animated motion graphics. Before I began studying graphic design at UCF, I spent three years working as a freelance production designer for the film industry in Los Angeles, CA. There, I had the privilege of getting jobs on multiple music videos, short films, and a couple feature length films. I learned vital skills through working with extreme time constraints, tight budgets, dedicated teams, and completely wild schedules that changed on a daily basis. The experience that I gained in those years is something that I carry with me in everything I do, and I look forward to utilizing those experiences while gaining new ones in my future career path. I am delighted to be starting the next great chapter of my life as a professional graphic designer.
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